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The marketing and creative industries have long had a reputation for weird and wonderful abbreviations and acronyms describing what they do and the tools they use. But in their haste to define the fast-changing world of digital media they have created a bucket load of waffle that is increasingly hard to understand.

In a bid to help everyone including ourselves - make more sense of industry terminology, we created a campaign that explores the words we love, the jargon we loathe, the terms that make us smile and those that drive us to distraction!

Microsoft advertising uk busts industry jargon with #eatadwaffle

#EatAdWaffleaims to highlight and combat the worst words and phrases in the advertising world and have a little fun while we do so. By exposing the most loved and loathed waffle, we want to make life easier and make sense of the stuff that matters.

Calling on our community, we asked industry influencers and advertising media to use the #EatAdWaffle hashtag to tell us the jargon that they hear or use the most in their companies.

The entries flooded in. We received more than 200 entries and, following a tough elimination process, managed to whittle those entries down to the ten best of the worst waffle contenders.

We have taken the terrible ten and created, amusing posters to show quite how bizarre the words and phrases really are.

The people who shared and submitted the top ten terrible phrases will be invited along to an exclusive #EatAdWaffle breakfast forum, held at Londons Duck and Waffle in Heron Tower on the 4th and the 10th of September. The event will play host to a range of top industry professionals from brands including Coca-Cola, Entertainment One UK and John Lewis, who will debate the state of todays advertising climate and the trends and issues that they face every day.

Stay tuned and follow @MSAdvertisingUK to see the top #EatAdWaffle phrases on Twitter.


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One of the biggest factors that drives the success of content marketing initiatives and any entrepreneurial endeavor is having powerful daily habits. In fact, one study found that 40 percent of all the decisions that we makeare driven by habits.

Its not the individuals that wake up and sprint for one day, and then fail to take massive action for the rest of the time, who make the noticeable progress. Instead, its the person who gets up each day and systematically produces high-quality work, day after day in a consistent manner that gets ahead. The media is bombarded with "overnight sensations" who actually worked for years to get where they are. But our perceptions of the path to success in work, in life, and in content marketing are skewed.

Let me give you a quick example. What if, instead of waking up and saying "today is the day Im going to write 15,000 words of my book," you committed to waking up and spending 45 minutes each morning writing? Its likely that in 45 minutes you could produce around 1,000 words of content. If you tackled this each morning, youd find that after one week youd have 7,000 words in your manuscript. After just two and a half months, youd have 70,000 words, or a complete first draft to the average book.

But shifting from a reactive or sporadic mindset to one that demands consistent, reliable action takes work. Heres a closer look at how you can leverage the power of daily habits to build a content marketing plan that will raise your visibility, increase your sales, and demonstrate a real return on investment for your efforts.

The Case for Daily Habits

In recent years, productivity and entrepreneurship experts have really focused in on the power of daily habits. Their books and blog posts address what I think of as a "perception productivity gap." Theres a real lack of understanding of how change and process really occurs. Our perceptions about how things get done, and the factors that drive real measurable productivity, are completely different. I discuss this more in my article "Productivity Hacks That Successful People Use Every Day."

Fitness and dieting is one area where that fact is painfully obvious. Despite our national obsession with weight loss, 70 percent of Americans are overweightand more than one-third are considered obese. If you follow the discussions around weight loss, everyone plans to start tomorrow. And tomorrow will bring a dramatic change. "Im going to go from zero exercise to running non-stop for one hour" or "Im going from eating fast food three times per day to eating low-carb vegan."

Now, either of these goals are actually fine and totally achievable. But what we lack as a society is the ability to really comprehend the amount of work that occurs between now the moment where we decide things have to change and that state that were aiming for (the ability to run for an hour straight or complete adherence to a vegan diet, for example). In fact, theres a second misconception that needs to be pointed out. What were aiming for in either of these scenarios is less of a destination and more a state of following specific habits (running daily or avoiding animal products) at a higher level.

James Clear has written extensively and brilliantly on the topic of habits. In one case study, he discusses fitness phenomenon Jack LaLanne. LaLanne, a fitness guru from the 20th century, lived until the age of 96 and was unbelievably fit until he died. He routinely set fitness records into his seventies and eighties. His amazing level of physical achievement was built on two habits. He woke up each day and did strength training for 90 minutes. Then he swam or ran for 30 minutes. Every single day, day in and day out, he committed to spending time doing the things that mattered most to him, his career and his health. As a result, these habits built the foundation that allowed him to complete the larger, more visible achievements. Its this kind of attention to details that I discuss further in this article on the "7 Things That Detail-Oriented People Notice."

Many writers follow the same path, which includes waking up each day and writing first thing. Whether they work for a specific period of time or to a word count, its the act of committing each day. Maria Popova of Brain Pickings wrote a fascinating piece examining the daily habits of famous writers. The famous poet Maya Angelou rented a hotel room in her town that she used exclusively to write each day.

Novelist Haruki Murikami says, "When Im in writing mode for a novel, I get up at 4 a.m. and work for five to six hours. In the afternoon, I run for 10km or swim for 1500m (or do both), then I read a bit and listen to some music. I go to bed at 9 p.m." The same approach of daily habits can be used to take your content marketing efforts from overwhelming to completely achievable. Writers are a great example or barometer to use for content marketing, because both lines of work involve content creation and are highly generative.

The Difference Between Systems and Goals

Scheduling, focus, and good systems are often the foundation of meaningful achievements. As Clear goes on to examine in this piece on, we make a mistake when we focus on the goals rather than the system. He says, "When you focus on the practice instead of the performance, you can enjoy the present moment and improve at the same time." Focusing on your habits and the systems that you build can improve both your marketing and your content development and distribution efforts.

If you think about Maya Angelou or Haruki Murikami, what they have in place is a structure to support their success. Its what Clear would call a system. Content marketing is easily systematized. Its possible to focus on your most important activities, set time aside when youre able to work, and streamline your delivery and promotion. You can set a clear schedule and execute on that schedule to minimize the choices that you need to make.

A Framework for Daily Habits and Content Marketing

What follows is a framework that I recommend for companies and individuals that are struggling to gain traction with their content marketing efforts. Todays content marketing landscape has evolved rapidly to include factors as diverse as blogging, guest posting, social media updates, more complex content like SlideShare presentations and white papers, and more. Contemplating all the options can be overwhelming. Here are some simple ways to get started and build a system that supports your success.

  1. Create a system thats based on clear outcome metrics: Why are you engaging in content marketing? What business objectives are you working to fulfill? How can you tie your potential success with marketing to the success of your whole endeavor? One of the keys to cultivating the daily habits you need for success in this area is anchoring your efforts to a clear goal. Goals will help you determine what steps to take next, as well as keep you motivated when you get overwhelmed with other things. For more information on setting goals and meaningful metrics, read "10 Marketing Metrics You Need to Be Measuring."

  2. Simplify your social networking:There are numerous arguments for diversifying your social media marketing. But if youre managing it on your own, crafting quality updates and promoting engagement on multiple networks can be a challenge. Its time to think about your social strategy. Do you want to focus on getting momentum on one network, or select a couple of priority networks to develop in tandem? Either approach can work.

    Consider choosing no more than three, and signing up for a tool such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite will enable you to update all your networks at once, respond to comments and mentions in a single interface, and pre-schedule updates. Consider committing five minutes each morning to posting one update to your social media accounts and doing some basic interaction, such as thanking people for mentions or sharing other peoples content. If you spend five minutes each business day on social media, over time youre going to see a growth in your followers, deeper engagement, and the other rewards that typically come from social media marketing.

  3. Dedicate 20 minutes to writing:If writing is one of your top priorities but youre struggling to get it done, there are a couple of potential solutions. One is to outsource it to a freelance writer or a content marketing company. When your budget doesnt allow for that or youre focused on getting underway on your own, one of the best strategies is to set aside time at the beginning of each day to tackle it. Consider spending 20 minutes each morning after you get up or the first 20 minutes that youre in the office writing. Schedule this time before you surf the Web, before you tackle email, and before you do anything else.

    As valuable time, youll be surprised what you can accomplish in one uninterrupted 20-minute block. You could write a blog post, a newsletter, two weeks worth of status updates, or the second of a larger project. Day after day, your efforts will ultimately yield a well of content that can drive social media campaigns, result in you regularly publishing articles and blogs, and developing a consistent plan for promoting content to your email list. For more thoughts on the power of consistency, I recommend reading "7 Reasons Youll Never Be Successful."

  4. Follow an editorial calendar: An editorial calendar is one of the best tools that a content marketer can leverage to integrate daily habits into their content marketing regime. The idea behind habits is to eliminate decisions. Making decisions takes time and energy, and master procrastinators can use this challenge to avoid getting anything done. Working out an editorial calendar can help you focus your energies. Your calendar could simply put together a list of what youre hoping to accomplish each day. On Mondays, you write social media updates. On Tuesdays, a blog post. And so forth. Or your editorial calendar could actually be externally facing, and focus on what youre pushing out. That will then help you focus, depending on what content is due when and where.

  5. Dedicate five minutes to promotion: On a final note, its helpful to dedicate five minutes each day to promoting your content. Simple steps will help ensure that your content is being seen. Share content that youve posted on social media. Post a link to your most recent article on a few sites such as Reddit, BizSugar, or StumbleUpon. Taking just a few moments to make sure that your material is being shared with the community has a large impact over time. It can help build your name recognition with these communities, while also ensuring that youre getting the cumulative hits and traffic that build your brand.


Staying on target is one of the biggest challenges with content marketing. Take the time to clarify your big objectives, and then shift your focus to creating a system that supports your success. Break down your goals into daily habits around generating ideas, content creation, social media marketing, and promotion. If you can carve out 30 minutes a day, every day, in just a few months time you will have made a significant amount of progress.

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The email starts off with This is an extortion email and goes on to say if you do not pay a certain amount of money, the sender will hit your website with tactics they call negative SEO.

Now what?

Yes, negative SEO exists and can impact your sites performance on Google. Scraped content from your website, spammy links, and unnaturalanchor text are all evidence that your site might have been avictim of negative SEO. While it is difficult to avoid an attack, especially for larger sites, it is not impossible to stay protected.

What Exactly is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is when someone uses unethical,black hat techniques to harm a websitesrankings in the search results. Basically, they do everything Google says not to do in order to make it look you areviolating Google policies. Although negative SEO can take different forms, here are some common ways your site can be attacked:

  • Building bad links to your site using unrelated keywords

  • Hacking your website to add malicious code

  • Creating fake social profiles of your company

Why Can Negative SEO be Risky?

Google cant always tell the difference between a site being hit with negative SEO and an actual spammer, which is why you should always keep an eye on your websites links and traffic. Start-ups or new websites are generally not atarget (but they can be); it is usually bigger websites that become the prey.

Google has started to address this issue and is now providing solutions through the Google Webmaster Tools and the Disavow tool. This is another reason why people tend to avoid taking a risk.

[embedded content]

Theres either good SEO or bad SEO. Negative SEO is an intentional act of spamming a website or over-optimizing it to lower its rankings in SERPs or get it penalized by Google (in worst-case scenarios).

Types of Negative SEO

Unfortunately, negative SEO works incredibly well and has the potential to harm your site in many different ways. Lets dig deeper into the world of negative SEO before you get hit by Googles ban hammer.

Here are the types of negative SEO your business can encounter:

Bad Links

Your competitor can build bad links to your website by paying off a few dollars to adult sites, gambling sites, or a banned website. Creating a link farm is the easiest way to get you hit with a Google penalty. This is done by creating a group of websites that hyperlink to each other to increase the number of incoming links.

If a competitor does this aggressively enough, Google may ban your site. Some aggressive negative SEOs will only target to take down a specific page on the website by building low-quality links to a subpage.

Unnatural Anchor Text

Unnatural anchor text is a link usinganchor text that is not related to the page on which it exists or is linked to. It is a common negative SEO technique that can harm your ranking and get you penalized. Thus, it is vital to ensure all the anchor text linking to your websiteuses relevant keywords.

Domain Redirects

A 301 redirect passes 90-99 percent of the link juice or ranking power to the redirected page. When used for negative SEO, the competitor can:

  • 301 redirect unrelated/banned domains to your site

  • 301 redirect gambling/SEO/pharma/adult domains to your site

Virus andMalware

Implantation of malware can result in site intrusion. If a malicious code is entered into the HTML source code of your website by a hacker, Google could quickly de-list your site. You would probably find out the code was inserted after receiving an alert email in your Webmaster Tools account or if somebody saw a notice on Google upon searching for yourwebsite.

A virus or Trojan Horse can lower a websitestrust rating. As a result, your website is likely to be reported as unreliable. WordPress hacks and SQL Injection are two common tactics used in negative SEO. Moreover, your site can also be infected with a display message like This site may harm your computer.

Playing Profile Games

A number of black hatters are engaged in creating fake profiles to adversely impact their competitors business. Running blog spammers with competitors link or spamming people with competitors domain name mentioned are two common types of negative SEO.

Maximizing Problems

Yet other tactics that can be used to attack your website with negative SEO including:

  • Linking the website to pages that do not exist

  • Creating multiple duplicate content(which will getGoogles immediate attention)

How Can You Find Outif your Website is a Victim of Negative SEO?

Finding out whether or not your site has been affected by negative SEO can be difficult. Here are some tips to spot any negative SEO attacks on your site:

Sudden Fall in Search Traffic

If you havent goneagainst the Google Webmaster guidelines but theres a massive drop in search traffic, you might be a victim of negative SEO. This is why it is important topay attention totraffic coming to your website. This can be done by using a variety of tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Searchmetrics, SEMrush, etc.

Google Analytics

  • Go to Google Analytics and open your website

  • Click on Acquisition on left side bar

  • Click All Traffic to see whether there has been any decreasein traffic

Google Webmaster Tools

Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account.

  • Click onOpen Campaign

  • Click Search Traffic

  • Click Search Queries

You will get a graph reflecting your websites traffic. Go through this data to find out if traffic to your website has fallen recently.

For a quick review, try these tools:


  • Go toSearchmetrics Essentials page

  • Look for the Start your analysis nowbutton on the right side and enter your website URL

  • The dashboard will show you a graph of your websites SEO visibility and paid visibility and the traffic coming to your website.


  • Go to SEMrush

  • Type in your website URL

  • Different graphs and charts on the dashboard will show the changes in traffic and an overview of the website.

SEMrush screenshot How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Screenshot taken on 08/19/2014 of

Conduct a Backlink Audit

Spammers can buildlow quality links to your site. Conducting a backlink audit is the most important step you can take tosee if your website is a victim of negative SEO. Use tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, and Open Site Explorer to see if someone is building spammy links to your site.

Google Webmaster Tools

You can use Google Webmaster Tools to download your sites latest links.

  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools

  • Click on Search Traffic>Links to your Site

This will give you an overview of all your inbound links.

  • Click on More under Who links the mostfora list of all domains linking to your site.

  • Under How your data is linked section, you can find pages that are linked to most often within your website.

Export both of these reports to check for low quality websites linking to your site and anchor text that is too long.


  • Go to and enter your full domain into the search bar.

  • Click on Inbound links>Links

This will show you a report with all the link information and a lot of data to analyze.

ahrefs screenshot How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Screenshot taken on 08/19/2014 of

Look out for links that appear on a domain not indexed by Google, websites with malware warnings, link farms, or links froma page with zero Google PageRank.

Majestic SEO

Thisis another great tool for backlink profile analysis. On the homepage of Majestic SEO, type your site name into the search bar and make sure to check Use Fresh Index.

  • Click on the Backlinks tab

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Download Data

majestic seo screenshot How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Screenshot taken on 08/19/2014 of

This will give you a list of your top backlinks with URL flow metrics, domain flow metrics, and link type.

Open Site Explorer

Enter the URL of yourwebsite in the search bar. Click on Inbound links. The link data will include the title and URL of your linking page, link anchor text, link URL, as well as page and domain authority.

Check for Unnatural IPs

If your site and target markets are located entirely in a particular country, foreign IPs or TLDs should not be pointing to your site. Check for these foreign IPs andpay attentionif there are multiple links from the same IP irrespective of the domain.

SEMrush can be used to check IPs. This can be done by:

  • Enter the domain of your website on the homepage

  • Click Backlinks on the left pane

  • Select Referring IPs from the drop down

Unnatural IPs SEMrush How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Screenshot taken on 08/19/2014 of

Check for Duplicate Content

Also check for duplicate copies of your content across the web. Copyscape is a great tool you can use to check for duplicity of your content. All you have to do isenteryour sites URL and the tool will scan the content to see if it has been copied elsewhere on the web.

How to Combat Negative SEO

If you were too late to take preventive measures against negative SEO and it has already caused a severe harm, its time to run a full-fledged rescue operation!

Data Organization:Organize all the link data you have collected from Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, and Open Site Explorer thencopy/paste the data from each link source into relevant sheets. Make sure you remove the duplicates from the sheet by going to the Data tab and selecting Remove Duplicates, so you have only one URL link.

Identifying Bad Links:When theres a relatively huge list of backlinks, it gets time-consuming to go through each one of them for the bad links identification purpose. Use tools likeURL Profiler, CognitiveSEO, and Backlinks Monitor, to identify bad links and unnatural anchor text.

Disavow the Bad Links:After you have identified and made the list of the links to be removed, submit the data into the Disavow Tool. The Disavow Tool will label a link with a tag so that Google algorithm does not credit it to your site in a positive or negative way, but keep in mind there aremixed reports on the efficacy of the tool.

You can use the Disavow tool to disavow individual links or the whole domain. I recommend using the tool as the last resort. Heres a complete guide on Identifying Bad Links and Pruning Them Using Googles Disavow Tool.

Contact the Webmasters:The key point to understand is that disavowing a link wont help you come out clean. You needto contact the domain webmasters and ask them to remove these links. Getting the contact details of all these bad links might take you several days. This is where tools such as URL Profiler and Rmoov come handy:

URL Profiler

Once you have made the csv of the backlinks, URL profiler will help you in getting the contact information of the webmasters. Upload the csv into the tool and click on:

  • Email addresses

  • Whois Emails

  • Whois Information

The tool will take some time to fetch contact details for you.

URL Profiler How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Screenshot taken on 08/19/2014 for

You can try the toolfreefor 30 days before going for the paid version.


Rmoov is one of the best tools to helpfind webmasters contact information quickly. In addition toproviding contact details, the tool canalso send automated link removal requests to webmasters on your behalf. The email can be customized and SMTP password can be shared to send bulk link removal emails on your behalf

You can try the Basic version of the tool, which is available for free, to check the effectiveness of the tool. However, there are limitations on number of campaigns and URLs processed. The basic version allows you to search only 250 URLs. Register for the paid version for more URLs.

Some webmasters might immediately remove the links, if you are lucky, while others may try to charge you money. If they are trying to charge you to remove the links, simply mark down the site and attach the correspondence details to the reconsideration request you will be sending to Google.

How to Prevent Negative SEO

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are severalmeasures you can take to prevent negative SEO.

Set up Google Webmaster Tools Email Alert

This should be your very first step to combat negative SEO. By setting up the alerts, you will receive an email from Google if:

  • Your website is attacked by malware

  • Theres a server connectivity problem

  • You have received a manual penalty from Google

All you have to do is log in to your account and click on Webmaster Tools Preferences. Choose to receive alerts for all the issues by enabling email notifications.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts will help you keep an eye on what others are saying about your website. You will be notified immediately of any review or mention of your website on Google.

  • Enter the URL of yourwebsite

  • Click on Show Options to set filters

  • Choose All Results from the drop down on How Many

  • Enter your email to create alert

Google Alerts How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Screenshot taken on 08/19/2014 of

Keep Track of your Social Media Mentions

Spammers might also adopt techniques like creating fake social media profiles of your account. Report them immediately as spam.

You can use to find out if someone is using your brand nameon social media. Whenever someone mentions your companys name on social media, you will be notified.


If you receive anemail threatening harm to your site with negative SEO tactics if you do not pay up, it is important tostay calm and report the email to Google. Extortion emails are cropping in the industry a lot lately, so make sure you take measures to stay safe.

You should also ensureyour site is verified inGoogle Webmaster Tools and check your links regularly in theabove mentioned tools. Ifyou suspect your site has been targeted by negative SEO, follow the steps mentioned above. Negative SEO is a serious issue and should be handled carefully. Just stay a little extra vigilant and make sure you stay protected.

Featured Image: vetkit via Shutterstock

 How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

Navneet Kaushal

CEO at PageTraffic

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of Indias leading search marketing agency PageTraffic. You can follow him at twitter @navneetkaushal.

 How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide


 How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

 How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

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 How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

 How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide

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The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

I. Why you should care about blogger outreach

I work at Distilled as part of the Promotions Team where much of what I do is working with bloggers. My job in a nutshell is to make the right demographic aware of my client's product/services.

When new B2C clients ask me what the benefits are of working with bloggers, I usually say something to the effect of: it's about marketing to people who will tell others about you (think word-of-mouth marketing).

Outreach let's you tap into influencers' reach and communities to get the right niche of people talking about your business, which ultimately impacts product/service trust and consumer purchasing behavior.

But, unless you're a smooth talker (which, I'm definitely not), then this elevator pitch won't be enough to convince your client to go with blogger outreach promotion. So instead, I've broken down 3 main talking points of why your B2C clients should want to work with bloggers.

Bloggers are mainly influencers

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association's definition of an influencer: "A person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace."

Influencers can be anyone, from celebrities to your next door neighbor. But what's interesting to note is that Technorati reports influencers are mostly bloggers, as 86% of influencers have blogs and 88% of influencers say they blog for themselves.

And while not everyone who blogs is considered an influencer by definition, bloggers with smaller communities are proving more influential than their celebrity counterparts, as Technorati also reports 54% of consumers believe that the smaller the community, the greater the influence.

All in all: bloggers, even the smaller community ones,are influential.

When looking more specifically at demographics, Nielsen reports that most bloggers are women, and 1 in 3 are moms. Overall, 52% of bloggers are parents. This is why you've probably heard the term "mommy blogger". But more importantly, this largedemographic is perfect to tap into with family-friendly B2C clients.

Bloggers are trustworthy sources for product/service research

When consumers want to learn more about products they're thinking of purchasing, IPSOS says 61% of global Internet users do their product research online.

Technorati reports that 31% of online shoppers are influenced by blogs (and only 56% are influenced by the retail sites themselves, so that's significant).


Image via Technorati

Blog posts are especially valuable for purchasing decisions

BlogHer's social media survey concludes that70% of online consumers learn about companies through articles like blog posts, not ads. More significantly, these blog posts lead to consumer action, where 61% of online consumers are reported to have made a purchase based on recommendations from bloggers.

In the same breath, Burst Media's survey finds that 65.5% of blog readers say brand mentions or promotions within blog content influence their purchasing decisions.


Image viaBurst Media

II. What do blogger partnerships look like?

Earned vs. paid

Earned media is free coverage gained through promotional efforts other than advertising. When applied to blogger outreach, it is when bloggers promote your client without getting paid sponsorship fees, post fees, etc. Links and/or ranking for certain terms is never a guarantee with earned promotion. Overall, this form of outreach resembles what many PR and outreach teams do.

Paid media is purchased coverage. When applied to blogger outreach, it can take the form of brand ambassadors, paid-for sponsored posts, appearance fees, etc. Links and/or ranking should never be a factor in this form of promotion, since Google and Bing have explicitly said that this will not be a part of their algorithms (unless it looks like you're trying to trick them into thinking its earned). But if you want a particular demographic to know about your client's product/service, where they might not see the client's ads in TV/Newspapers, then this is a completely valid approach to reach them.

Choosing earned or paid blogger promotion really depends on your client's product/service and the particular demographic you're trying to reach.

Blogger preferences on campaign opportunities

When pitching bloggers on a campaign, Technorati reports bloggers most prefer receiving a first look or review opportunity for new products, offering prizes/samples/giveaways to their blog's audience, as well as the opportunity to create custom content.


Image via Technorati

Condensing these findings into 2 themes for your client:

  • Give a first look or unique experience:Think bigger than just giving out product for bloggers to review. Instead, create an experience with your product by including them in your new product/service launch, or even creating an exclusive experience just for them.

  • Give them an opportunity that goes beyond benefiting themselves: Consider including their audience when designing campaigns for the blogger. Also, leverage bloggers' passion and expertise, not just their influence, by creating custom content for their readers, or even by providing prize or giveaway opportunities.

To give you a better look at what these two campaign styles actually look like, I've listed a few great examples below.

Give a first look or unique experience.

The Surprise Collection by Ariel


Image via Lala Noleto

This campaign involved getting the online fashion niche talking about Ariel and its stain remover product. Ariel sent fashion bloggers surprise boxes of designer t-shirts that were so blotched with stains, that the clothing designs were completely indistinguishable beneath them. The mystery box also contained stain removal product and instructions on how to wash the material and reveal their free piece of designer clothing.

This campaign engaged its target audience and earning notable online coverage by displaying the Surprise Collection of clothing at the So Paulo Fashion Week 2013. Additionally, women could visit stores across Brazil to purchase the stained Surprise Collection with free Ariel samples to mirror the surprise reveal experience the bloggers had.

Overall, the campaign reported reaching more than 3 million women with the story, and more than 4,200 Facebook shares, 15K Instagram likes, an average of 1 Tweet per minute during the Fashion Week event and 1,500 purchased Surprise Collection kits.

Watch below for more details:

[embedded content]

Ariel Surprise Collection from Rodrigo on Vimeo.

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En junio, anunciamos una serie de cambios sobre el funcionamiento de la segmentacin por dispositivo en Bing Ads. El primero de estos cambios tendr lugar en septiembre, fecha en la que se combinarn los equipos de escritorio, porttiles y tabletas en una sola segmentacin por dispositivo. Como consecuencia directa de este cambio, aquellas campaas que solo segmenten actualmente por equipos de escritorio y porttiles empezarn a segmentar tambin por tabletas e, igualmente, las campaas que solo segmenten por tabletas segmentarn tambin por equipos de escritorio y porttiles.

Como se mencion hace tiempo, para garantizar que los anunciantes dispongan de flexibilidad a la hora de administrar las diferencias de rendimiento entre las tabletas y los equipos de escritorio, cuando se aplique este cambio en septiembre, el modificador de puja permitido en las tabletas abarcar del +300 % al -20 %. No habr modificadores de puja para los equipos de escritorio y porttiles.

En los ltimos meses, hemos recibido varias preguntas sobre este cambio y, por ese motivo, hemos redactado esta entrada de blog, cuyo objetivo es responder a las preguntas ms frecuentes que hemos recibido.

P: Cul es el mejor modo de prepararse para la combinacin de tabletas, equipos de escritorio y porttiles como una nica segmentacin por dispositivo?

R: El primer paso es garantizar, si tienes campaas segmentadas por PCs y tabletas, que tus sitios puedan manejar el trfico de las tabletas, y viceversa. Puedes usar el parmetro de consulta {device} para mostrar diferentes pginas de destino en funcin del tipo de dispositivo del usuario.

En segundo lugar, si tienes campaas para cada tipo de dispositivo, es recomendable que las revises y las combines en una sola campaa que use ajustes de pujas (denominados tambin modificadores de pujas) para indicar cunto quieres pujar por cada tipo de dispositivo.

P: Cmo afectar este cambio a la puntuacin de calidad y a la clasificacin de los anuncios?

R: La puntuacin de calidad se basa en el rendimiento histrico de un anuncio en torno a una determinada palabra clave. Con este cambio, los anuncios que solo se muestren en equipos de escritorio y porttiles, o solo en tabletas, pueden experimentar un aumento de la competencia al haber ms participantes en la subasta. Cualquier aumento o reduccin de la puntuacin de calidad que tenga lugar despus de este cambio se deber al rendimiento de tus anuncios con respecto a palabras clave especficas en este nuevo mercado combinado.

P: Este cambio tiene el potencial de crear campaas duplicadas, ya que en las campaas que anteriormente diferenciaban la segmentacin de solo tabletas o de solo equipos de escritorio y porttiles se aada el otro tipo de dispositivo como segmentacin. Acabarn las campaas compitiendo entre s?

R: Es bastante probable que se acabe produciendo una situacin en la que tengas varias pujas por la misma palabra clave en varias campaas si no preparas con antelacin tus campaas para este cambio. En esta situacin, tus anuncios competirn entre s, ya que la palabra clave con la mejor combinacin de puja y de calidad del anuncio ser la elegida para participar en la subasta. Nuestra recomendacin es que revises todas las campaas que segmentan las tabletas por separado de los equipos de escritorio y porttiles, y que las marques como campaas de segmentacin de ambas opciones. Si hubiera duplicados, te recomendamos que elijas la campaa que mejor funcione como principal y que elimines la redundante.

P: Cmo se aplicarn los modificadores de puja cuando la segmentacin por tabletas afecte a otros modificadores de puja, como los basados en la ubicacin?

R: A continuacin, te ofrecemos un extracto del documento sobre Cmo segmentar mis clientes ajustando mis pujas.

Si se satisfacen varios criterios de segmentacin y se hace clic en tu anuncio, pagars por cada uno de los ajustes de puja coincidentes (pero no por los que no coincidan). Por ejemplo, supongamos que has configurado las siguientes pujas y segmentacin:

Puja de palabra clave = 3,00 USD

  • Ubicacin de destino = Chicago, ajuste de puja = puja + 20 %

  • Das de segmentacin = Sbado, ajuste de puja = puja + 10 %

  • Dispositivo de destino = Tableta, ajuste de puja = puja - 20 %

Segn los datos anteriores, el importe mximo posible de tu puja usando el nuevo mtodo es el siguiente:





Usuario de bsqueda n. 1

Multiplicar por 120 %


Multiplicar por 110 %


3,00 USD X 1,20 X 1,10 =3,96 USD

Usuario de bsqueda n. 2

Multiplicar por 110 %


3,00 USD X 1,10 = 3,30 USD

Usuario de bsqueda n. 3

Multiplicar por 120 %


Multiplicar por 80 %


3,00 USD X 1,20 X 0,80 =2,88 USD

Usuario de bsqueda n. 4

(Sin coincidencias)

(Sin coincidencias)

(Sin coincidencias)

3,00 USD

P: En qu momento de septiembre se producir este cambio?

R: Los cambios se implementarn durante tres semanas a partir de la tercera semana de septiembre (la semana que empieza el 15 de septiembre). Durante este tiempo, la plataforma de Bing Ads introducir una sola segmentacin por dispositivo para equipos de escritorio, porttiles y tabletas. Los anunciantes vern el cambio aplicado en su cuenta cuando inicien sesin en la interfaz web de Bing Ads. Despus de la migracin, vern una sola segmentacin por dispositivo para equipos de escritorio, porttiles y tabletas en la configuracin de la campaa y grupo de anuncios. Todos los clientes tendrn aplicado este cambio el 3 de octubre como muy tarde.

P: Cmo afectarn los cambios de segmentacin por dispositivo a los usuarios de la API?

R: Hemos publicado una entrada actualizada en el blog de la API de Bing Ads en la que se explica cmo debern prepararse los usuarios de la API de Bing Ads para este cambio. Una cosa importante que hay que tener en cuenta es que despus de haberse aplicado el cambio a una cuenta, cualquier intento de crear una segmentacin por dispositivo de una tableta para una campaa o grupo de anuncios a travs de la API har que la plataforma de Bing Ads aada automticamente equipos de escritorio y porttiles, y viceversa.

Aunque este cambio no provocar un error crtico para los usuarios de la API, es absolutamente recomendable que empieces a tratar las tabletas, equipos de escritorio y porttiles como una sola segmentacin por dispositivo en las aplicaciones y herramientas que interactan con Bing Ads para evitar confusiones una vez implementado el cambio.

P: Qu ms debo preparar?

R: Hay algunas prcticas recomendadas adicionales que debes considerar. En lugar de centrarte en simplemente migrar las campaas existentes, aprovecha esta op

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Im Juni haben wir eine Reihe von nderungen zur Funktionsweise des Gerte-Targeting (in Englisch) bei Bing Ads angekndigt. Die erste der fraglichen nderungen wird im September vorgenommen, wenn Desktops, Laptops und Tablets zu einem einzigen Gerte-Target zusammengefasst werden. Eine direkte Folge dieser Umstellung besteht darin, dass alle Kampagnen, die ausschlielich auf Desktops und Laptops abgestimmt sind, dann auch auf Tablets abzielen. Umgekehrt zielen alle Kampagnen, die nur auf Tablets abgestimmt sind, auch auf Desktops und Laptops ab.

Um sicherzustellen, dass Werbekunden flexibel genug sind, um die Leistungsunterschiede zwischen Tablets, Desktops und Laptops auch noch zu verwalten, nachdem besagte nderung im September vorgenommen sein wird, wird der zulssige Gebot-Modifizierer auf Tablet-Gerten das Spektrum von +300% bis -20% abdecken. Fr Desktops und Laptops wird kein Gebot-Modifizierer verfgbar sein.

In den vergangenen Monaten haben wir eine Reihe von Fragen zu dieser Umstellung erhalten. Den vorliegenden Beitrag haben wir verfasst, um auf die am hufigsten gestellten Fragen einzugehen.

F: Wie kann man sich am besten auf die Zusammenfassung von Tablets, Desktops und Laptops zu einem einzigen Gerte-Target vorbereiten?

A: Wenn Ihre Kampagnen auf PCs und Laptops abzielen, sollten Sie als erstes sicherstellen, dass Ihre Webseiten darauf vorbereitet sind, auch Datenverkehr von Tablets zu verarbeiten - und umgekehrt. Sie knnen den {Gerte} Suchanfrage-Parameter nutzen, um je nach Gertetyp des Suchmaschinennutzers unterschiedliche Angebotsseiten zu bedienen.

Wenn Sie Kampagnen fr jeden Gertetyp angelegt haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen darber hinaus, diese zu berrpfen und zu einer einzigen Kampagne zusammenzufassen, die Gebotsanpassungen(auch Gebot-Modifizierer genannt) nutzt, um anzugeben, wie viel Sie auf jedem Gertetyp bieten mchten.

F: Welche Auswirkungen wird diese nderung auf die Qualittskennzahl und das Ranking von Anzeigen haben?

A: Die Qualittskennzahl ermisst sich an der historischen Leistung einer Anzeige bei einem bestimmten Keyword. Durch diese nderung knnen Anzeigen, die lediglich auf Desktops und Laptops oder lediglich auf Tablets erschienen, durch eine grere Zahl an Auktionsteilnehmern konkurrenzfhiger werden. Jede Verbesserung oder Verschlechterung der Qualittskennzahl in Folge dieser nderung ist auf die Leistungsfhigkeit Ihrer Anzeige bei speziellen Keywords auf diesem neuen kombinierten Marktplatz zurckzufhren.

F: Mit dieser nderung lassen sich duplizierte Kampagnen gestalten, da zuvor ausschlielich auf Tablets bzw. ausschlielich auf Desktops und Laptops beschrnkte Kampagnen nunmehr den jeweils anderen Gertetyp als Target dazu erhalten. Werden die Kampagnen am Ende miteinander konkurrieren?

A: Es ist durchaus mglich, dass sich eine Situation ergibt, in der Sie in den verschiedenen Kampagnen mehrere Gebote fr dasselbe Keyword haben, wenn Sie bei der Gestaltung Ihrer Kampagnen diese nderung nicht bercksichtigen. Wenn Sie Ihre Kampagnen nicht anpassen, werden Ihre Anzeigen miteinander konkurrieren, da das Keyword mit der besten Verbindung aus Gebot- und Anzeigenqualitt(in Englisch) fr die Teilnahme an der Auktion ausgewhlt wird. Wir empfehlen Ihnen daher, alle Kampagnen zu berprfen, die ausschlielich auf Tablets ohne Einbeziehung von Desktops und Laptops abzielen, und sie entsprechend zu markieren, so dass das Targeting sich auf beide Optionen bezieht. Wenn es duplizierte Kampagnen gibt, empfehlen wir Ihnen, sich fr die leistungsfhigere zu entscheiden und die berflssige zu entfernen.

F: Welche Folgen haben Gebot-Modifizierer, wenn sich das Targeting von Tablets auf andere Gebot-Modifizierer, wie z. B. standortbasierte Genot-Modifizierer, auswirkt?

A: Die folgende Erluterung ist ein Auszug aus unserer Dokumentation Wie ich meine Kunden durch Anpassung meiner Gebote erreiche

Wenn mehr als eines Ihrer Target-Kriterien erfllt ist und Ihre Anzeige angeklickt wird, zahlen Sie fr jede Gebotsanpassung, die bereinstimmt (nicht fr eine solche, die nicht bereinstimmt). Nehmen wir beispielsweise an, Sie haben folgende Gebote und folgendes Targeting festgelegt:

  • Keyword-Gebot = 3,00 USD

  • Target Standort = Chicago, Gebotsanpassung = + 20%

  • Target Tage = Samstag, Gebotsanpassung = Gebot + 10%

  • Target Gert = Tablet, Gebotsanpassung = Bid - 20%

Auf der Grundlage der oben genannten Daten errechnet sich der mgliche maximale Betrag fr Ihr Gebot nach dem neuen Verfahren wie folgt:





Suchmaschinennutzer 1

Multipliziert mit 120%


Multipliziert mit 110%


3,00 USD X 1,20 X 1,10 =3,96 USD

Suchmaschinennutzer 2

Multipliziert mit 110%


3,00 USD X 1,10 = 3,30 USD

Suchmaschinennutzer 3

Multipliziert mit 120%


Multipliziert mit 80%


3,00 USD X 1,20 X 0,80 =2,88 USD

Suchmaschinennutzer 4

(Keine bereinstimmung)

(Keine bereinstimmung)

(Keine bereinstimmung)

3,00 USD

F: Wann wird die nderung im September wirksam?

A: Die Umstellung wird ber einen Zeitraum von drei Wochen ab der dritten Septemberwoche vorgenommen, d.h. ab dem 15. September. In diesem Zeitraum wird auf der Bing Ads Plattform ein einziges Gerte-Target fr Desktops, Laptops und Tablets eingefhrt. Werbekunden knnen die an ihrem Konto vorgenommenen nderungen sehen, wenn Sie sich auf der Bing Ads Website anmelden. Nach der Umstellung sehen sie nur noch ein einziges Gerte-Target fr Desktops, Laptops und Tablets in den Kampagnen- und Anzeigengruppen-Einstellungen . Diese Umstellung sollte bei allen Kunden sptestens bis zum 3. Oktober abgeschlossen sein.

F: Welche Auswirkungen haben die nderungen beim Gerte-Targeting fr API-Nutzer?

A: Im Bing Ads API-Blog haben wir einen aktualisierten Beitrag verffentlicht, (in Englisch) in dem ausfhrlich dargestellt wird, wie sich Bing Ads API-Nutzer auf diese Umstellung vorbereiten sollten. Insbesondere gilt es zu beachten, dass nach der nderung eines Kontos bei jedem Versuch, ein Tablet-Gerte-Target fr eine Kampagne oder Anzeigengruppe mittels API einzurichten, die Bing Ads Plattform automatisch Desktops und Laptops hinzufgt. Dasselbe gilt auch fr den umgekehrten Fall.

Obwohl diese nderung bei API-Nutzern keine schwerwiegenden Fehler verursacht, empfehlen wir Ihnen nachdrcklich, in Ihren Anwendungen und Tools, die mit Bing Ads interagieren, Tablets, Desktops und Laptops als ein einziges Gerte-Target zu behandeln, um nach Abschluss der Umstellung ein mgliches Durcheinander zu vermeiden.

F: Was kann ich sonst noch tun, um vorbereitet zu sein?

A: Im Folgenden geben wir Ihnen eine Reihe weiterer Ratschlge, die bercksichtigt werden sollten. Anstatt bestehende Kampagnen einfach nur anzupassen, nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, Ihre Bing

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En juin, nous avons annonc que le ciblage par appareil(en Anglais) sur Bing Ads allait faire l'objet de modifications. Une premire vague sera mise en place en septembre lorsque les ordinateurs de bureau, ordinateurs portables et les tablettes seront regroups en une seule et mme cible d'appareil. Par consquent, toutes les campagnes qui ciblent actuellement les ordinateurs de bureau et portables uniquement cibleront galement les tablettes, et inversement.

Comme nous l'avons dj dit, afin de veiller ce que les annonceurs puissent grer ces diffrences de performances avec flexibilit quand ce changement sera mis en place en septembre, le modificateur d'enchre autoris sur les tablettes couvrira les valeurs de +300 % -20 %. Il n'y aura aucun modificateur d'enchres sur les ordinateurs de bureau et portables.

Au cours des derniers mois, un certain nombre de questions nous sont parvenues concernant ce changement, c'est pourquoi nous avons cr cet article, qui rpond aux questions les plus frquemment poses.

Q : Quelle est la meilleure faon de se prparer ce regroupement des ordinateurs de bureau, portables et tablettes en une seule et mme cible d'appareil ?

R : Tout d'abord, si vos campagnes ciblent des PC et des ordinateurs portables, vrifiez que vos sites sont en mesure de grer le trafic gnr par les tablettes et inversement. Vous pouvez utiliser le paramtre de requte {appareil}pour grer plusieurs pages de destination en fonction du type d'appareil utilis par l'internaute.

Ensuite, si vous avez des campagnes ddies pour chaque type d'appareil, nous vous recommandons de les passer en revue et de les regrouper en une seule campagne qui utilise les ajustements d'enchre(galement appels les modificateurs d'enchres) pour indiquer combien vous souhaitez enchrir sur chaque type d'appareil.

Q : En quoi cela va-t-il avoir un effet sur l'indicateur de qualit et le classement des annonces ?

R : L'indicateur de qualit se base sur l'historique des performances d'une annonce par rapport un mot cl particulier. Avec ce changement, les annonces uniquement diffuses sur les ordinateurs de bureau et portables ou uniquement sur les tablettes seront confrontes une concurrence accrue, en raison du plus grand nombre de participants pour cette enchre. Toute variation de l'indicateur de qualit suite ce changement proviendra de la performance de vos annonces par rapport des mots cls spcifiques sur cette nouvelle enchre commune.

Q : Ce changement risque de gnrer des campagnes en double, celles ciblant jusqu'alors uniquement les tablettes ou uniquement les ordinateurs de bureau et portables ayant dsormais chacune dans leurs cibles l'autre type d'appareil. Les campagnes vont-elles tre en concurrence entre elles ?

R : Vous risquez de vous retrouver avec plusieurs enchres pour un mme mot cl sur plusieurs campagnes si vous n'tes pas assez proactif et que vous ne prparez pas vos campagnes ce changement. Dans une telle situation, vos annonces risquent d'tre en concurrence, car c'est le mot cl dont la combinaison enchre/qualit de l'annonce est la meilleure(en Anglais) qui sera retenu pour participer cette enchre. Nous vous recommandons de passer en revue toutes vos campagnes qui ciblent des tablettes sparment de celles qui visent les ordinateurs de bureau et portables et de les marquer comme ciblant ces deux options. En cas de doublons, nous vous recommandons de choisir la campagne la plus performante, la principale campagne liminant celle qui est redondante.

Q : En quoi les modificateurs d'enchres lors du ciblage des tablettes auront-ils un impact sur les autres modificateurs d'enchres, comme ceux bass sur la zone gographique ?

R : Les informations qui vont suivre sont tires de notre documentation Comment cibler mes clients en ajustant mes enchres

Si plus d'un de vos critres de ciblage est satisfait et que l'on clique sur votre annonce, vous paierez pour chaque ajustement d'enchre correspondant (mais pas pour ceux qui ne correspondent pas). Partons, par exemple, du principe que vous avez dfini les enchres et les paramtres de ciblage suivants :

  • Enchre sur mot cl = 3,00

  • Emplacement cible = Paris, Ajustement d'enchre = Enchre + 20 %

  • Jours cibls = Samedi, Ajustement d'enchre = Enchre + 10 %

  • Appareil cibl = Tablette, Ajustement d'enchre = Enchre - 20 %

tant donn les donnes susmentionnes, le montant maximal potentiel pour votre enchre avec ces nouvelles mthodes est le suivant :

VIT Paris




Internaute N1

Multiplier par 120 %


Multiplier par 110 %


3 x 1,1 x 1,2 =3,96

Internaute N2

Multiplier par 110 %


3 X 1,10 = 3,30

Internaute N3

Multiplier par 120 %


Multiplier par 80 %


3 x 1,2 x 0,8 =2,88

Internaute N4

(Aucune correspondance)

(Aucune correspondance)

(Aucune correspondance)


Q : Quelle est la date prvue pour ce changement au mois de septembre ?

R : Les changements s'taleront sur trois semaines, compter de la 3mesemaine de septembre (la semaine du 15 septembre). Pendant cette priode, la plateforme Bing Ads introduira un ciblage par appareil unique pour les ordinateurs de bureau, les portables et les tablettes. Les annonceurs verront ce changement sur leur compte lorsqu'ils se connecteront sur l'interface Web de Bing Ads. Une fois le changement mis en place, ils verront une cible d'appareil unique pour les ordinateurs de bureau, les portables et les tablettes dans les paramtres de campagne et de groupe d'annonces. Ce changement devrait tre effectif pour tous les annonceurs d'ici le 3 octobre au plus tard.

Q : Quel sera l'impact de ce changement sur le ciblage par appareil pour les utilisateurs de l'API ?

R : Nous avons publi un nouvel article sur le blog API Bing Ads(en Anglais) qui explique en dtail comment les utilisateurs de l'API Bing Ads doivent se prparer pour ce changement. Il est essentiel de garder l'esprit qu'une fois le changement appliqu sur un compte, si vous dcidez de crer un ciblage par appareil pour les tablettes sur une campagne ou un groupe d'annonces via l'API, la plateforme Bing Ads intgrera automatiquement les ordinateurs de bureau et portables et vice versa.

Ce changement n'entranera pas d'erreur critique pour les utilisateurs de l'API, toutefois nous recommandons vivement de commencer traiter les tablettes, les ordinateurs de bureau et les portables comme une seule et mme cible d'appareil dans vos outils et applications interagissant avec Bing Ads, afin d'viter toute confusion une fois le changement mis en place.

Q : Que dois-je faire d'autre pour me prparer ?

R : Voici quelques bonnes pratiques supplmentaires prendre en compte

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7 22 Bing Ads

[embedded content]

Bing Ads

Bing Ads Bing Ads API

Bing Ads Bing Ads

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Gauging how to price a SaaS (software as a service) product can be tricky, especially if youre a newer entrepreneur. So where do you start?

From your own costs to perceived market value, there are a few key metrics to keep in mind. To find out which factors were the most important, we asked sevenfounders and YEC members their best tips for new entrepreneurs who arent sure where to set their price points.

Know Your Operational Costs

Phil Chen 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

In order to properly price a SaaS product, you must have a complete understanding of what it costs to provide the service. Entrepreneurs often do not understand their operational costs and price their SaaS products improperly, leaving little margin for profit. Fortunately, technology operational costs tend to trend down, helping keep your margins healthy over the long run that is if you price your service properly from the start.

-Phil Chen,Systems Watch

Perform Continual Tests

josh weiss 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Run multivariate tests with several different pricing options and see which has the best results.

-Josh Weiss,Bluegala

Price With Margins in Mind

Firas Kittaneh 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Avoidbeing the cheapest offerin your industry. Youll never find sufficient margin to support strongmarketing, excellent customer service and overall growth. Instead, start pricing your product with an incredibly healthy margin (after all of the costs are considered) and if need be, discount later to target a more price sensitive audience. Remember, it isgenerally easier to lower prices than it is to increase them.

-Firas Kittaneh,Amerisleep

Do Customer Interviews

doreen bloch 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Doing prospective customer interviews is a great way for a new entrepreneur to figure out how much to price his or her SaaS product. This allows you to discover how much a customer is willing to pay for your product, which can then determine what your set price should be. Customer interviews also allow entrepreneurs to understand the factors that influence purchase so you can best position your offerings.

-Doreen Bloch,Poshly Inc.

Offer Multiple Versions

Andrew Schrage 150x150 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Offer multiple versions of your SaaS product, tiered towards the level of business owner it might attract, and price each accordingly. Its unlikely that your SaaS product is going to fit into a one size fits all business model make it attractive to businesses both small and large.

-Andrew Schrage,Money Crashers Personal Finance

Just Price It

Wade Foster 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Price it, and then change it. Always grandfather. This way youll learn quickly, but you wont upset old customers.

-Wade Foster,Zapier

Gauge the Competition

Alfredo Atanacio 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Check the competition and try out their service before pricing your product if you can. Make sure your price is not the only competitive aspect of your product.

-Alfredo Atanacio,Uassist.ME

Featured Image: Maxx-Studio via Shutterstock

0610 YEC 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Young Entrepreneur Council

Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

0610 YEC 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product


0610 YEC 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

0610 YEC 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

+Young Entrepreneur Council

0610 YEC 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

0610 YEC 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product

Latest posts by Young Entrepreneur Council (see all)

  • 7 Tips for Pricing Your SaaS Product - August 31, 2014

  • Planning for Progress: 18 Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy - August 11, 2014

  • Keeping Readers Interested: 17 Things to Write About on Your Company Blog - August 2, 2014

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WordCamp is a WordPress conferenceknown for its friendly, community-driven environment. Content has become a #1 marketing tool, and asone of the most-used content management systems, WordPress has a lot to offer for everyone, including marketers. In my opinion, one of the best job opportunitiesfor marketing folks can be a conference that has nothing to do with marketing. Imagine all the people at the conference who dontsharing your perspective and knowledge. Individuals like WordPress developers, designers, and contributors who need exposure, plus agencies and companies wanting their products to get some traction. Everyone needs a marketer. You could make some of their work easier through:

  • Content marketing (creation & distribution)

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Reputation management

  • Creating SEO friendly websites

  • Creating online events

  • Raising product/service awareness

Attending marketing conferences keeps you close to the latest and greatest in your field of work, but attending other types of conferences likeWordCampEurope 2014provides marketers with unique opportunities. Businesses and creative individuals need you to represent them and extend their reach. They need you to do branding for their startups, create unique business proposals, increase conversion rates, all of which is best done through content marketing- and what better place to meet these people than the conference on one of the most used content marketing platforms out there?

1200px NDK Sofia 2012 PD 061 760x481 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]

WordCamp 2014, National Palace of Culture in Sofia

The conference will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from September 27 to 29, 2014 at the National Palace of Culture, which is a center that stretches into three underground levels and eight floors. Over 900 people are expected to attend the conference and you canbe one of attendees. WordPress is known for its open community, which Ive been fortunate to become a part overthe past fewof years. But, I have not met a lot of those great people in person. Many of you, myself included, tend to go to conferences not really knowing what to expect, but benefits are many:

  • Networking

  • Finding work

  • Learning

  • GeneratingIdeas

  • Forming Partnerships

  • Experiencing Different Cultures

How to Get Involved and Meet Attendees

If youre not a part of the WordPress community, youll be pleasantly surprised by the people involved. The best and easiest way is to meet people is to mingle before the actual conference:

  • Follow the hashtag #wceu

  • Find out more about the attendees

By following @WCEurope and the hashtag #wceu, youll receive the latest news regarding the event and also have the chance to chat with other WordCamp attendees, before actually meeting them. The attendees list is growing and I encourage you to take time, browse their profiles and get in touch with them. Maybe some of them share your interests and youll easily find common subject to talk about. Ive contacted a few and all of them were pleasantly surprised by my gesture, so we made arrangements to meet in person on the day of the conference. Companies and creative individuals are rapidly switching to WordPress for easy content creation because they know content marketing that significantly lowers cost per acquisition. And it can be your responsibility to create strategy for this marketing channel. Are you going to WordCamp EU this year, or have you been in the past? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. Image Credits Featured Image: WordCamp Official Website Image #1: National Palace of Culture (Bulgaria) via Wikimedia Commons

 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]

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 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]


 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]

Dragan Nikolic

 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]

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 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]

 WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers? [Sponsored]

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